What's the SCORE?...A variable of course!
A score can be used to let a player know when he has won or reach another level;  A score can let a player know when he has lost (i.e. Health or lives); A score also provide a way for players to compare their skills with other players.

To incorporate a scoring system in your game, we are going to need to learn about VARIABLES(a changeable value recorded in Scratch's memory. Variables can only hold one value at a time)  In this ABLE we are going to do just that!

1.  To start this ABLE, Watch this video to see an example how a variable is used to create a score:

2.  Remix Fish Chomp by adding a score using variables
Need a little more guidance?  Scroll down for more details, study the code of projects in the Score Examples studio  or use this TASK Card to learn more about creating variables and incorporating score into a project.  

3.  After adding score to the Fish Chomp starter project, add your remix project to the MES Fish Chomp Score studio.

4. Click on the Reflection Tab, find the ABLE 11 Form and write a brief reflection on the experience.
  • What is a variable? 
  • How would you explain variables to someone?

Take a look at this brief Tips and Tricks video and see how Eric took his project further.  Can you do the same with yours?