Interested in playing with some of the more advance sensing blocks and the newest features of Scratch 2.0?  In this ABLE, you'll explore user input(Ask Block/Answer), sensing loudness, camera sensing, cloning, and cloud variables.

1.  Watch the videos below and explore inside the example project create for each video.  

2.  Next complete the MES Interactive and Remix challenge for Advance Sensing and Cloning.  Save to MES Advance Feature Studio

3.  Complete a brief reflection on your experience with this able.  Click on the Reflection tab and find the ABLE 15 form and answer these questions:
  • What was the strategy for learning more about these features?
  • What does the phrase "advance features" make you feel or make you think about? 

Advance Sensing Blocks:

Remix this Video motion Game. (The object of this game is to try the save the knight from falling into the water. Use your hands to bounce the knight back up!)

  • Go inside the project to view the scripts and notes
  • remix the project and expiment to see how you can change or improve this game.  Here are some ideas: 
    • Change the image to a different character or theme
    • Change how fast or how many are falling
    • Add a variable to keep score


Cloning project look inside


Cloud Variable Project look inside

If you are an experience Scratcher you should have the ability to use the Cloud Variables, however if you a new Scratcher that featured may not have been unlocked for you.