Ok, you got a little peek inside Scratch. Before we go further, let's talk SPRITES!

What are Sprites?
Sprites are the characters/objects that perform actions on the Stage of your Scratch projects.  While the Stage can also be programmed in a project, most projects have at least one sprite as well because only sprites can move.
An image of a sprite appearing on both the stage and the sprite list.

Before you Scratch that itch for this next ABLE, watch these two videos:
Created by the ScratchED team for CCOW

Created by the ScratchED team for CCOW

Lets SCRATCH! In this ABLE you are going to create your own sprite.

1.  Open a new project in SCRATCH

2.  Deleted the Scratch Cat Sprite

3.  Click on the Paintbrush icon to open up the Paint Editor and draw your sprite. (need more help with navigating the paint editor--check out these very helpful Paint Editor Tips)

4.  Give your Sprite a friend by choosing a Sprite from the Scratch Sprite Library

5.  Once you have completed this ABLE, reflect on what you have learned about Sprites
  • Did you explore both BITMAP and VECTOR modes of the Paint Editor? 
  • Each mode has its benefits, when do you think you would choose one mode over the other and why?

Take it further(You're ABLE!)
How about creating some additional costumes for the Sprite you created, So you will have 4 costumes: Front, Back, Facing left, and Facing right.  

What's a costume? Take a look at this Scratch Card below.
SCRATCH CARD created by Karen Arrington