list (called an array in other programming languages) is a very useful tool. It can also be defined as a variable containing multiple other variables.  You can create and manipulate lists in Scratch.  Lists can store numbers as well as strings of letters and other characters.  

In this ABLE you will see how useful list can be!  You will watch the NUTS & BOLTS video on list and then do the MES List Interactive which will give you a chance to recreate the project created in the video.  Need a little more help?  Here is Mrs. Coleman's solution to this Interactive.

1.  Watch the video below:

2.  Go to MES Interactive-LISTS and remix the project.  When you are done, share your project to the ABLE 11-LISTS Remix Studio 

3.  Complete a brief reflection on your experience with this able.  Click on the Reflection tab and find the ABLE 12 form and answer these questions:
  • How are Variables and Lists the same?
  • How are Variable and Lists different?
  • How might you use a list in your project or game?

Take it Further (Your ABLE!)
Take a look peak inside MES Tech Star List's Example Studio to explore how others have used Lists in their projects and create a new project using lists.