Debug It!
Now that you have had some practice working in Scratch, I know you are now able to Help!  I have five projects that just don't work quite right.   I need you to find out what wrong with each and fix them.  Remix the buggy projects with the corrections.  After you have completed this ABLE. Be sure to include a link to your project write a brief reflection on the experience. 
  •      What is one debugging strategy that you used? 
  •      How would you help someone else learn how to debug a project?

Debug It! 1

The Scratch Cat should do a flip when the space key is pressed. But when the space key is pressed, nothing happens! How do we fix the program?

In this project, the Scratch Cat should pace back and forth across the stage, when the Scratch Cat is clicked. But the Scratch Cat is flipping out -- and is walking upside down! How do we fix the program?

In this project, when the green flag is clicked, the Scratch Cat should say 'Meow, meow, meow!' in a speech bubble and as a sound. But the speech bubble happens before the sound -- and the Scratch Cat only makes one 'Meow' sound! How do we fix the program?