Lets get started, I know you are itching to SCRATCH!   First we need to get familiar with the User Interface of SCRATCH.  Watch the video below, in this video you will learn about the STAGE, SPRITE LIST, BLOCK PALETTE, SCRIPT AREA & the CURSOR TOOL.
Created by ScratchED team for CCOW

OK, now that you have familiarized yourself with the interface, lets dive right into SCRATCH.  Today we're going to play with a very small piece of code to show you how easy it is and to give you the smallest taste of what's possible.  

1. Watch the video below and then go to your Scratch account and do this Step by Step activity.

Created by ScratchED team for CCOW

2.  Now take a few minutes to reflect and make an entry below on your thoughts by clicking on the REFLECTION tab.  
  • How did feel to write your first script?
  • What was surprising about this activity?

Want some more practice,  Remix this project.
Have a look at the code by clicking "See Inside"Make Scratch Cat dance by himself to the music included. (Need more help check out  the video below) 

Created by EdWeb