INTERACTIONS PUZZLESInteractivity is at the heart of all games!  In this ABLE you will be solving puzzles.

These puzzles will help you learn more about interactivity in SCRATCH. You will need to apply what you have learned so far and become familiar with  SENSING blocks AND some of the more advance concepts in Scratch.

1.  Before you dive into the first puzzle, lets learn a bit more about Controls and Conditionals. Watch these videos:

2.  Create you own project to solve this first puzzle and share the project to the  MES INTERACTION PUZZLES STUDIO
Whenever you press the B key, the sprite gets a little bigger. Whenever you press the S key, the sprite gets a little smaller.  

3.  Now that you solved the first puzzle, I'm sure you are itching to do this next puzzle, but before you get started lets talk a bit about the STAGE.

Scratch's coordinate system uses 2 coordinates, "X position" and "Y position", to determine the location of a sprite on the stage. The "X position" value determines the horizontal location of the sprite and the "Y position" value determines the vertical location or height. The screen is a 480x360 rectangle, such that: the X position can range from 240 to -240, where 240 is the rightmost a sprite can be and -240 is the leftmost, and the Y position can range from 180 to -180, where 180 is the highest it can be and -180 is the lowest it can be.

Play the interactive below to teach you about the X and Y coordinates on the SCRATCH stage.

4.  To solve this next puzzle you may need a little more information about the SENSING blocks and the OPERATORS.  Watch the videos below:

5.  You are ready to tackle the next puzzle--Whenever the sprite is on the top 25% of the screen, it says "I like it up here." Create your own project to solve and share the project to the  MES INTERACTION PUZZLES STUDIO 

7.  Write a brief reflection by clicking on the REFLECTION tab and answering the following questions:
  • How did you solve these puzzles?
  • What strategies did you use to find the solutions?
  • Did this puzzle give you any ideas that you may incorporate into a game?
Need a little more help with the first two puzzles? You can click Here and HERE to see Mrs. Coleman's solution to the puzzles.  Check out this studio and HERE to see how other's have solved the puzzles. Like the Debug Its! there is more than one solution to the puzzles.  

TAKE IT FURTHER(YOUR ABLE!)  You are getting the hang of these puzzles!  Now challenge yourself and dive deeper with Scratch by tackling the following puzzles. Try out the puzzles on your own or with others. You can work through all of the challenges or pick and choose particular ones to dive into.  
 Share each puzzle you solve to the Interaction Puzzle Studio  Be sure to include a link to your project(s) when you complete your reflection on this ABLE. 

Need further guidance to solve these puzzles, click on the HELP tab.