The Ten Block Challenge

What can you create using only 10 Blocks?

Create a project with only these 10 Scratch blocks: go to, glide, say, show, hide, set size to, play sound until done, when this sprite clicked, wait, and repeat.
Use each block at least once in your project.

1. Watch the walkthrough video below
Created by CCOW ScratchEd Team-Mary Jo Madda

2.  Create your project.  Remember to include on the project page to include the instruction to "Click on Sprite" to start the project as you do not have the Green Flag block.  If you need some more inspiration you can go to the 10 Block Studio and explore those projects.

3. After you have completed the activity. Be sure to include a link to your project and write a brief reflection on the experience. 

  •      By having only those 10 blocks to use, did you find this activity hard or easy? 
  •      Did you learn something new in Scratch?