You have completed ABLES 1 through 9.  Good work,  as you now have a strong foundation to build upon!  IT NOW TIME TO GET YOUR GAME ON!

In ABLE 10 you'll assemble a collection of Scratch projects that will help you think about and build a game.  You will look through existing projects on the Scratch website and identify three or more programs to inform and inspire your own project. Create a studio with inspirational projects -- these could be Scratch projects that are similar in theme or topic to what you want to create, include techniques or assets that you want to incorporate in your game, or are otherwise interesting or inspiring to you. 

What will inspire you?
Perhaps the old school classic arcade games...
Pong is the first commercially successful video game which led to the start of the video game industry

Some Angry Birds...
Angry Birds is  one of the most successful mobile apps 

A Plumber named Mario...
 The Mario franchise has spawned over 200 games and is the best selling game franchise

Or other Scratchers!

Checklist of ABLE:

1.  Create a studio for collecting projects that will inform and inspire your bigger Scratch project. 
Need help with creating your own studio, view the Nuts&Bolts of Studios 

2.  Find three or more inspiring projects on the Scratch website and/or Mrs. Coleman's Game Example Studio add them to your inspiration studio. 

3.  Click on the Reflection Tab, find the ABLE 10 Form and write a brief reflection on the experience.
  • How might each project in the studio help you with your project?
  • How might you give credit for these different sources of inspiration?