Today we are going to start creating our first project.  Above is my All About Me Project.  Click the Green Flag and check it out!  
How can you combine interesting images and sounds to make an interactive collage?
You will be experimenting with sprites, costumes, backdrops, looks, and sounds to create an interactive Scratch project -- a project that helps other people learn more about you and the ideas, activities, and people that you care about.

1.  I have two walkthrough videos for you to watch.  You may watch either or both.  
Created by CCOW ScratchEd Team-Eric Schilling

Created by CCOW ScratchED Team-Mary Jo Madda

2.  Now create your own ALL ABOUT ME project.   Need some more inspiration, go to the ALL ABOUT ME Studio and explore the many projects or check out what your fellow students have shared to ABLE4-All About Me studio. You can even remix!

3,  After you have completed the activity, share your project to MES ABLE4-All About Me studio. Be sure to include a link to your project and write a brief reflection on the experience. 
     What was surprising about the activity?