In this week's ABLE , you'll develop a game -- a Scratch project that includes interactions between sprites, possibly a score and levels too!  It's up to you!   You will refer to your Game design template you completed in ABLE 16. If you are not happy with your  concept for a game you'd like to make or if you're not sure how to get started,  ScratchEd has  created a starter game project -- Gobo Friends Rescue -- as a base, which you can then remix by adding interactivity, score, and levels.

1.  Create a game Scratch project that incorporates three elements: (1) interactivity, (2) score, and (3) levels. This can be a game you invent or an implementation of a game you already know. If you don't already have a game in mind, you can build on Gobo Friends Rescue, which we're offering as a base to remix.
2.  Add your game to the MES Tech Stars Games studio.
3. Once you completed your game, click on the Reflection tab and answer these questions.

  • What is a game? 
  • What are your favorite games? 
  • What was challenging about designing your game?

Looking for more guidance? Watch how MJ and Eric each tackle the Game activity.