Level Up!

Game designer use Levels in games to keep the player motivated to play. Usually levels provide increase in difficulty, new challenges, new backdrops and rewards which ultimately extend the game play time.
In this ABLE you will explore how others have used and created levels in Scratch, by searching through projects on the Scratch website to discover projects that include levels.  You will study the code of these projects to understand what levels can look like and how they can be implemented in a project.

Are you ready to Level Up?
1.  Search for projects in the ScratchEd's Level Studio

2.  Add three "level" projects to MES Level Studios

3.  Click on the Reflection Tab, find the ABLE 13 Form and write a brief reflection on the experience. 
  • What are different ways of increasing difficulty in a game? 
  • What concepts or blocks are used to implement levels?