SCENES-Switching Backdrop

The sprites are itching to travel.  It's true Scratch only has one stage, however you can have as many BACKDROPS as you want.   In this ABLE you will create a project with three different backdrops that your sprite(s) will travel through. 

1.   Lets get some background on backdrops! Watch these videos first
Created by ScratchED team for CCOW

Created by ScratchED team for CCOW

2. Look inside this sample project Scenes: Scratch Cat on the Street and explore the Scene Studio to see more examples

3. Create your project using 3 backdrops:
  • Chose one from the Scratch Library
  • Paint your own
  • Import one from your computer(resource folder on your desktop)

4.  Once you have completed and shared the project, please give some thought to these questions and record you thoughts on the reflection page.
  • What does the stage have in common with sprites?
  • How is the stage different then sprites?
  • How did other use backdrops in the studio?