Your creative mind is buzzing but you need a plan or a way to organize all of those great ideas!  In this ABLE you will design your game. When creating a game or any project, it is useful to have a plan.  When programmers write programs they use Flowcharts.  So lets first learn a bit about Flowcharts.  

1.  Play TECH STAR FLOWCHARTS, click the green flag to get started.

We will be using our own Game Design Template that takes into consideration the four design elements that all games should have. 

The Four "O"s:
  1. Object – What is the goal of the game? (ie collect coins, get through the maze, score points, etc.)
  2. Operation – How do you play the game? (ie Do you use keyboard keys to move? Press the spacebar to jump or shoot? Move the mouse around? etc.)
  3. Obstacles – What’s the challenge that you have to overcome? (ie bad guys, a timer counting down, running out of fuel, life meter, etc.)
  4. Outcome – What happens so you know you won or lost? (ie “You Won!” screen, “Sorry, you lost” screen, celebration dance, etc.)

2.  Download the GAME DESIGN TEMPLATE and complete